• Location

    Miami Beach Marina, 300 Alton Rd, Pier J, Miami Beach, 33139

  • Price

    $200/hour (up to 6 people)

  • Schedule

    From sunrise to sunset, every day. Please show up 10 minutes in advance

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Suitable for individuals of all ages and athletic ability, Wakesurfing is a thrilling sport that requires no previous experience to enjoy. Less physically demanding than wakeboarding and undertaken at slower speeds, wakesurfing is fun, safe and equally rewarding. For decades surfers have travelled the planet in a constant quest for the endless wave… you only need to pick up the phone and drop in! Being close enough to speak to friends on the boat while riding, it’s the most sociable tow sport around.

With expert instruction from the captain, and tips and advice from our enthusiastic team riders coaching you along, riders at Miami watersports Paradise enjoy rapid progress in their riding ability. Almost immediately those of average physical ability can stand up, riding the wave after a gentle and gradual pull. After getting comfortable being towed at 10-11mph, the rider then learns to anticipate board speed and balance, before the challenge of letting go of the rope… and freeriding the sweet spot!

Within a very short period of time riders are comfortable on the endless wave and quickly start to learn basic tricks. For more accomplished riders looking to improve their tricks and skills, ask about our ‘Pro Rider Clinics’ with Professional World Champion Wakesurfers.

Call 786-505-9253 for more information about our Miami Wakesurfing Watersports Packages!

Enjoy a watersports session in Miami’s beautiful Biscayne Bay. Learn from a knowledgeable instructor who will teach you all the techniques from beginner to advanced.

Price / Person / Hour

  • 6 persons: $34
  • 5 persons: $40
  • 4 persons: $50
  • 3 persons: $67
  • 2 persons: $99
  • Total = $200/Hour

Package includes:

This is a private charte (up to 6 people). The price is dock to dock

  • Dock to dock
  • 1 watersports boat
  • up to 6 people
  • Instructor
  • Captain
  • Equipment: life vests and wakesurf
  • Boat gas provided
  • Instruction included
  • Use of the latest watersports equipment

Reservations in advance are mandatory to insure availability.

This watersports session is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We are fully insured and licensed, so you can feel secure in the hands of an experienced team.

The captain has the authority for the boat, and any changes or cancellations of trips will be for the sole purpose of ensuring safety.

  • What is not included?
    • Snacks and drinks are not included. However, feel free to bring along snacks or a picnic dinner, as well as your own drinks.
    • Gratuity is not included. However, if you would like to leave a tip for excellent service, you are more than welcome to do so.
  • What to bring?
    • A towel
    • Sunscreen (non-spray)
    • Swimsuit
  • Meting location:

Exact meeting location details will be provided upon the reservation.

It’s either

Miami Beach Marina, 300 Alton Road, Pier J, Miami Beach 33139


1802 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach 33139

Cancellation policy:

Full refund if cancellation is made before 48 hours.

If we decide to cancel because of weather it is a full refund or customer may reschedule for another day/time.