There are some rules you want to follow to avoid accidents in the water this summer while towing watersports! Especially in the crowded Miami waterways!

If you are planning on going to rent a boat and do some tubing, waterski, or wakeboard, follow those few rules who can save life!!

  • Riders such as waterskiers, wakeboarders, wakesurfers should always wear a properly fitted personal flotation device (PFD) that has a high-impact rating and is USCG-approved.
  • Always have another person other than the driver of the boat act as a spotter. The spotter’s job is to watch the skier, receive hand signals, and alert the boat operator if the skier falls.
  • Be familiar with watersports zone and so you can avoid areas of shallow water, submerged obstructions, and other dangerous situations.
  • Before the rider enters the water, you must go over the hand signals to communicate with him.
  • Do not follow other towing boats within 200 feet. You may not have time to avoid the rider if he falls.
  • When possible, avoid driving your boat directly into the sun, it could be difficult for the person who drive the boat to see the water or other boats.
  • Don’t waterski or wakeboard at night.
  • Let go off the tow rope immediately after fall.
  • When a rider falls, return immediately at a slow speed (less than 5 miles per hour), circling the skier from the driver’s side of the boat. If the skier is going to continue skiing, the driver should make the circle with about a 20-foot clearance.
  • If picking up the skier, the driver should shut off the engine before the skier approaches the boat. Do not leave the throttle in neutral because the propeller may still be turning.
  • Do not drive and operate under influence, never use drugs or alcohol while waterskiing or wakeboarding.
  • Stop waterskiing or wakeboarding at the first sign of lighting or thunder.
  • Water skiing can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be dangerous if not approached with consistent safety practices and the proper equipment.

If you don’t feel confident renting a boat and pulling waterskiers, wakeboarders, or inner tubing, visit Miami Watersports Paradise. With our friendly instructors we will give you some tips to perform on your own boat with safety first in your mind!!