Safety first!! Wear the right Life Jacket!!

How to choose your life jacket? If you are looking to purchase a life jacket and will use it in Miami Beach, in Biscayne Bay, you need to buy a vest that is approved by the United States Coast Guard. First this is the law, but also those vests have been tested in many different [...]

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How to choose a Wakeboard

How to choose a wakeboard? If you are just getting into wakeboarding, you might be confused by the daunting amount of gear out there. If you ask any good wakeboarder, they will tell you that one of the most important aspects of wakeboarding is the gear that you use. If you use gear that doesn't [...]

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Boating Safety: Towing watersports this summer!!!

There are some rules you want to follow to avoid accidents in the water this summer while towing watersports! Especially in the crowded Miami waterways! If you are planning on going to rent a boat and do some tubing, waterski, or wakeboard, follow those few rules who can save life!! Riders such as waterskiers, wakeboarders, [...]

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